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-This morning...I have lost a dear neighbor, a friend...She has been fighting cancer for a while and died in her sleep.......I know she is in a better place. She wouldn't be in pain anymore... RIP I will miss you.-
       "Welcome to Young's Electronics. May I interest you in anything?"  This is Samuel Hosmer, a young man in his mid 20's.  Today, he is working at a local electronics store, selling games and computers to those living in the area.   He is standing behind the counter with a look of confidence and determination in his eyes, though not quite masking an obvious look of aging and stress from his past.
"I have been looking for an upgrade," A tall man stood in front of Samuel, placing a computer box on the counter.  He had pale skin, short brown hair, and a dim look in his eyes. Samuel felt like he knew him from somewhere, but couldn't put his finger on it. "This one looks like right about what I need. How much will it run me, Samuel?"
"That will be, let's see... 699 plus tax... it comes out to be $747.93. Will you be paying with cash or credit?"
"Cash," The pale man said bluntly, placing a large wad of cash on the counter. "Keep the change."
Samuel counted the cash, before placing it in the register. "Thank you for your business, please come again."
The man picked up the computer box, and moved the leave the store. On his way out, he knocked over a monitor.  Samuel rushed over from behind the counter and lifted the monitor, noting a large crack across the screen.  He turned to stop the man from leaving, as he should pay for the damages, but the man had already left.  Samuel couldn't risk chasing the man down, as it could leave the store vulnerable to thieves, but he also couldn’t risk being blamed for the broken monitor.  After a small amount of though, he placed the monitor on the display, but angled the screen out of sight so it wouldn't be easily spotted, and returned to work.

           Several weeks later, Samuel was volunteering at the local police station. They were short staffed, and he was familiar with protocol.  While sitting behind the desk, waiting for anyone to come in with something they need help with, the phone began to ring.  "This is Hopewell Police Department. If this is an emergency, please dial 911. Otherwise, what can we help you with?"
"Samuel, please come to the Hospital. I need to tell you something."  
The voice on the phone was familiar, but Samuel couldn't put his finger on who it was.  Nor did he understand why he was being called.  He couldn't think of any bad news they could possibly have for him.  Regardless, he announced his leave, and headed for the hospital across town.  Walking through the door, he noticed a tall, pale man behind the counter with a smile on his face and a dim look in his eyes.  He seemed very familiar, but Samuel wasn't sure where from.  "Hello, my name is Samuel Hosmer.  I was called, being told that someone had something they needed to tell me here."
"Ah, yes, Samuel, that was me.  I just wanted to warn you.  Today on my way to work, I saw some creatures skittering around in the alleys.  I just wanted to make sure you would be safe."
"I didn't see anything on my way here, but I'll be sure to keep an eye out."  Samuel's face showed his confusion and disbelieve, but he didn't want to get further into the matter, feeling the man just wasn't right in the head.  He left the hospital without another word with the man, and headed back to the police station.  On the way there, he heard some skittering noises and moans coming from the alley near him.  He placed his hand on his gun, and checked eyed the alley. There was a moment of silence before something began darting for him, making a loud screeching sound.  Without any second thought, he pulled the gun from his holster, and fired several bullets it his assailant.  The creature dropped to the ground, not moving.
          Samuel examined the body, unsure of what to make of it.  It appeared to be a human, but with its skin rotten and melted.  "What is it? Was it actually just a man? Was he just badly injured, rushing at me, hoping for someone to help him?"  Samuel choked back those thoughts, and tried his best to shake them from his head.  Regardless of what happened, Samuel had been warned of something like this from that pale man.  He called in the incident before rushing to the hospital.  "If he knew it would happen, what more does he know? Maybe he was involved. Can't take any risks on this job."
Samuel entered the hospital doors, but couldn't find the man. It appeared he had gotten off work for the night.  Not sure of his identity, Samuel returned to the station, and simply reported the description of the man, in the hopes he could be found.  On his way home, he head shook from the shrieking of those creatures in the cells.  He was glad the day was finally over.  After this incident, he was taking a couple weeks off.
          Returning to work after his break, he began filling in shifts at Vivienne's Diner, a cozy little diner in the middle of town.  It was a slow day, as Samuel was taking people orders, and bussing their food out to them.  He was bringing an order of drinks to a table in the farside of the Restaurant, but tripped while approaching the table. One of the drinks fell, and spilled on a customer sitting at a nearby table.  "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Let me clean up this mess for you!"  Samuel stumbled in the wake of his mistake, trying to grab something nearby to clean up the mess.
"It's okay, Samuel.  I understand you've been under a lot of stress lately.  I'll clean myself up."
"I'm sorry.  Thank you."  Samuel took a look at the man, but couldn't recognize him.  His face was familiar, but that's all Samuel could grasp.  He was a pale man with a dim look in his eyes.  Samuel cleaned up his mess, delivered the unspilled drinks, and returned to the back to refill the spilled drink.  He stumbled the rest of the night, shaken a bit at his mistake.

            The next morning, he was heading into town, looking to see what jobs needed to be done that day.  While checking in with different businesses, he spotted someone familiar.  "James, is that you?" He called in excitement, before noticing yet another old friend. "Roger? Danielle? Edward?" So many old faces all around him.  He couldn't believe it.  He knew it couldn't be true.  "You guys can't really be here, can you?"  The look of excited faded from his face.  "No, you guys can't.  It's impossible... But then why are you here? Why are you haunting me!!  None of you should be here!!!"  As he screamed, he looked into the crowd of familiar face, and in the back, he saw a pale man with a devilish look in his eyes.
Samuel's eyes shifted from fear to rage upon seeing his face.  He charged through the crowd, but lost managed to lose sight of the pale man.  "Where are you!  Get out here and face me, you cowered!!"  Samuel refused to let the man get away again.  He rushed to the police station, and used his key to get into the armory, taking his gun and some body armor.  He stalked the town, weaving through the lost souls, attempting to find his target.
"Samuel, you know you can't stop me."  His voice echoed in Samuel's head, but he used it to guide him.  "It's already too late, anyway."  The crowd was growing thicker, but to Samuel it just became more of a blur, as his determination to find this man drove him on.  "Samuel, just give up."  He just had to kill him, and all of this will be over.  He will be the hero.  "Samuel, it's over."  That last statement echoed through his mind, as he pulled the trigger, putting a bullet in the man's head.  The crowds of people faded away, and he was alone.
"Samuel, I told you to give up."  The familiar voice rang out just behind Samuel.  He turned to be at the end of the barrel of a gun, held by the familiar pale man.

            "I will not let you win!"  Samuel swung his gun, and shot as quickly as he could, without aiming, landing a lucky shot in the man's head.  He disappeared, only for another man to appear, one wearing the face of his old friend James.  "You have to accept it, Samuel."  James pointed a gun at Samuel, but was shot before he could pull the trigger.
Another one appears, this time looking like his friend Danielle. "Samuel, it's too late. There's nothing more you can do." She was pointing a gun at Samuel, just as the others did, and Samuel shot them, just as he had done to the others. But yet another appears, bearing the face of a lost friend. "Please, Samuel, you have to stop trying." Samuel shot his friend. "Samuel, your job is over." Samuel shot his friend. "Samuel, please accept this and move on." Samuel shot his friend. "Samuel, it's time to stop."  Samuel shot his friend.  The gun ejected its final casing, as Samuel looking up to the barrel of a familiar gun, held by a man with a familiar face. He spoke in his familiar voice, with familiar dead eyes. "After all, it was your fault."
                                   All went black.
All went black
Hello there. This is a story one of my skype/fb friend make after a role play in Garry's Mod. 

Story made by Dindril   Though, I think he doesn't get on here any more..Or something.


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Autumn - WIP by Khamisu
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The colors are beautiful and the leaves. You have done well. When, I saw this. I got a cold feeling down my back. It was like I was wal...

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